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How do Clouds Form? | Hello Science | Vikrant Kirar

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How do Clouds Form? | Hello Science | Vikrant Kirar

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A great personality once said: "Baadal Important Hain".

Clouds are indeed important for many reasons. Precipitation is one of those reasons. At night, clouds reflect heat back to the surface and keep it warmer. During the day, clouds can shade us from the sun and keep Earth cooler.

But have ever wondered how do these clouds form? Is it possible to create clouds in your room? Using a bottle, Vikrant Kirar explains the Nimbus experiment. Nimbus is a project that explores the idea of a cloud being created inside a space in which it does not belong! In this experiment when we release the pressure the temperature inside of the bottle decreased so a cloud form inside it.

Clouds form when the invisible water vapor in the air condenses into visible water droplets. There is water around us in the form of tiny particles known as water vapor. There are also tiny particles floating around in the air - such as salt and dust, these are called aerosols.

The water vapor and the aerosols are constantly bumping into each other. When the air is cooled, some of the water vapor sticks to the aerosols when they collide - this is condensation. Eventually, bigger water droplets form around the aerosol particles, and these water droplets start sticking together with other droplets, forming clouds.

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