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Spirit Science 38 ~ War and Spirituality (Is Violence Necessary To Change the World?)

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Spirit Science 38 ~ War and Spirituality (Is Violence Necessary To Change the World?)

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In spiritual matters, we often hear ideas like "all is love" and "let us only be peaceful" - but the events of the world today has ushered in a deepening of the nature of war, violence, and spirituality. When is violence okay, if ever? In this episode, we look at ancient spiritual texts to see what they had to say about this subject, and we also reached out to our Spirit Mysteries community to add some value to the conversation.

This video is not intended to suggest any particular answer to the question, but simply to open up the dialogue. We have to ask ourselves the tough questions... Could the Rebels in Star Wars have beaten the Empire without bombing runs and lightsaber fights? I can't imagine the Emperor listening to a "peaceful protest".

Special thanks to Kevin G, Joseph A, and Adam M for contributing their videos to this episode. You can find Kevin on Youtube Here. (The United States of Love) -

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